NA.IO is a project started with the aim to imagine and create apparel and accessories.
What we offer is a subtle line of wearables, expressing metropolitanism
by crossing different cultures and realities.

Fabrics and images give life to new creations. Hybridization promotes overlappings and harmonies, an interplay between visual and tactile perceptions.

Since 2015 NA.IO creations present a mix of upcycled and new materials (sometimes featuring in-house design in the textiles), using traditional as well as digital techniques.

Choosing upcycling for this project is of vital importance. Not only for its versatility, but also for its ecological value of reutilization during the textile’ second life.

NA.IO produces
lines of products designed by Fabio Bordone,
who looks to the future willing to expand through projects already in the pipeline.
These will be characterized by strong social, innovative and creative features.